Canadian Social Studies is an indexed, refereed journal published quarterly on-line at the University of Alberta. It is a journal of comment and criticism on social education and publishes articles on curricular issues relating to history, geography, social sciences, and social studies.

Dr. Kent den Heyer

Associate Editors
David Scott
Cathryn van Kessel

Assistant Editor
Lindsay Herriot

Current Issue: Volume 48, Number 2

Introduction to the Retrospective Issue
Cathryn van Kessel and David Scott

Unmentionable Things in Social Studies: Women’s Issues?
J-C Couture

Two Terms You Can (and Should) Use in the Classroom: Cultural Homogenization and Eurocentrism
George Richardson

Teaching After 9/11
Robert Gardner

We Interrupt This Moment: Education and the Teaching of History
Jennifer Tupper

Unsettling Our Narrative Encounters Within and Outside of Canadian Social Studies
Nicholas Ng-A-Fook and Robin Milne

Book Review: Tarrow, S. (2015). War, States, and Contention: A Comparative Historical Study
Sabah Mushtaq

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