T. Craig Montgomerie

T. Craig Montgomerie, PhD. FAACE

University of Alberta:

Professor Emeritus, Instructional Technology
Department of Educational Psychology,
University of Alberta

Mailing address:
EdTech Services
Faculty of Education
3-104 Education North
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6G 2G5


Phone: (780) 492 - 1334
Fax: (780) 492 - 3179

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Mentat Consulting Ltd.
11647 - 77 Ave. NW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6G 0M4


Phone: (780) 951-2629

Academic Background







University of Alberta

Educational Administration



University of Alberta

Educational Administration



University of Alberta

Chemical Engineering

Research Interests:

  1. Distance Education
  2. Applications of Broadband Networks
  3. Computer Based Education
  4. Forecasting educational needs
  5. The use of technology to improve educational systems in developing countries

Example Major Research Project

I was the principal investigator on the Rural Advanced Community of Learners (RACOL) project, one of the first applications launched on the Alberta SuperNet. RACOL developed a model of teaching and learning that exploits the potential of broadband networks and advanced digital technologies. Rather that falling into either of the synchronous or asynchronous distance learning camps, RACOL exploits the best of each. Capabilities such as broadcast quality digital video, streaming media, electronic whiteboards and educational objects aid in the facilitation of effective learning and address the needs of students in rural and remote school districts.

Personal Interests:

I like to travel and to try to understand other cultures. I have been very fortunate to be able to combine this love of travel with my professional interest in using technology to improve educational systems in developing countries.

Current Courses Taught:

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Recent Publications

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Received the AACE (Association for Advancement of Computing in Education) Fellowship Award: “In Recognition of Outstanding Leadership & Service to the Profession and AACE.”
Winner of the 2003 Yewchuk / KOEPP Award (Keeper of the Ed. Psych. Parrot). This is a prestigious, annual award presented to a member of the Department of Educational Psychology who represents the characteristic of being indistinguishably recognized within the Department: an true equal among equals! The winner of this award is chosen through rigorous, peer reviewed, random selection.

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